ALSTAR EMS Recognizes Employee

A local paramedic has gone above and beyond his call of duty while providing pre-hospital care to patients of Chautauqua County.

Tim Carlson loves what he does. In fact, his love for the Emergency Medical System has gone far beyond that of a typical full-time job.

His roots in EMS began at 14 years old, when he became a member of the Kiantone Volunteer Fire Department. There, he gained several positive mentors who encouraged him to start a career in EMS. After high school he pursued further education at Jamestown Community College and was hired by ALSTAR EMS as a basic EMT. An unfortunate family event solidified Carlson’s dedication to the EMS field when his grandfather became ill with prostate cancer.

“There were a few times where we had to call an ambulance to get him some help. I saw how many people came to help him and that is when I decided to explore this field some more,” Carlson said.

In 2013, Carlson advanced his career at ALSTAR EMS and became a paramedic. He was recently promoted to a field supervisor. Recently, Carlson has been acknowledged as an outstanding employee for ALSTAR EMS. The United New York Ambulance Network (UNYAN) recently held an outstanding employee luncheon where Carlson, along with other EMS professionals from New York state, were recognized for their courageous and dedicated work. The event was held at Turning Stone Casino in Syracuse. Carlson was nominated as an outstanding employee by the management team at ALSTAR EMS. As the leading provider of ambulance service in Chautauqua County, the company encourages five core values in its employees. These values are integrity, compassion, accountability, respect and empathy. These values are the heart of the company’s ICARE program, which recognizes exceptional employees based on these attributes. At different points during Carlson’s career in EMS, he has shown these characteristics in several ways.

“Recognized by his peers numerous times for his compassion with patients, Tim represents the organization in a proud manner. Tim represents an excellent employee who is the face of ALSTAR EMS,” said David Thomas, executive director for WCA Services Corporation.

Carlson’s peers say anyone who spends just five minutes with him will see how much of a humble and compassionate young man he is.

“It was an honor to be selected as this year’s outstanding employee and to represent my coworkers, who are outstanding on a daily basis,” Carlson said. “I enjoy the work I do because I am able to be welcomed into people’s lives in vulnerable and intimate situations.”

During his off time, Carlson likes to garden, spend time with friends and family and he enjoys beekeeping.