Area Becoming Familiar With Band

Hey, everyone!

I know it’s been a while, and I wouldn’t blame you if you’ve forgotten about me by now. Heck, so many weeks have gone by since my last column it was starting to get to the point where I’d forgotten that writing a column was even an option. But rest assured, my post-paper life is continuing on in exciting fashion, and in some of the most surprising ways.

I remember when last we spoke that I had discussed having taken a seasonal position with Chautauqua Institution. Well, that position was concluded two weeks ago and the entirety of last week was spent in a state of cautiously optimistic apprehension as to where life would take me next.

As luck would have it, this week began the newest phase of my journey: freelance writing. It’s amazing how the fates have aligned to provide me with a great opportunity to not only hone my writing abilities, but also to earn a living at it while serving as the conduit through which other people’s stories can be told.

The best part is that I’ve been afforded the ability to work at my own pace and set my own schedule; which, as a musician, is kind of crucial to balancing the work/play dynamic of life.

Which brings me back to the fun I’ve been having with my band Cold Lazarus. My last column, back in early July, served as a bit of a preview to our then upcoming appearance in this year’s Great Blue Heron Music Festival, a gig which was going to kick off about two straight months of weekend summer shows to the tune of about 14 gigs over eight weeks.

Two weekends ago our summer run came to a conclusion with our performance at the Night Lights Music Festival, also held on the Blue Heron grounds in Sherman each year. I’ve made no secret of the momentum we’d built for ourselves over the past year and a half as a group, but I feel like we were able to make leaps and bounds on the exposure front this summer, not least of which came via a series of unique promotions, contests and general on-site marketing techniques suggested to us by our manager.

It’s not like we’re a household name by any means, but the connection we’ve made through our involvement in some high-profile venues and festivals throughout the Western New York area means that a number of people in the region are at least becoming familiar with the name Cold Lazarus, if not the music we make.

In the meantime we’ve also maintained a steady pace of writing new material in preparation for a second album, which I hope to see manifest sometime in spring of next year. We definitely have a good amount of material already, it just needs to be rounded out with a couple more tracks and more lyrical content.

So, at least for the purposes of this column, that’s been my life in a nutshell through these past couple months.

Now that I’m situated back in Jamestown I hope to find my footing again in the daily goings on in my local community, which should ideally translate to an increased output in this column — if not weekly then hopefully every other week.

Until next time, thanks for reading what I intend to be my return to regular writing for our local daily news publication.