Sunset Bay Beach Club Is A Gem To Behold

Pictured is the NY2LA band performing at Sunset Bay Beach Club. Photo by Melinda Centi

With summer quickly winding down and fall being just around the corner, we are all doing our best to embrace every moment we have left of the warm weather and extended sunny days. Still coming off the high from my recent vacation to Florida, I wasn’t ready to let go of my beach vibes and was in serious need of soaking up some rays. With an open Sunday afternoon to spend at my leisure, I asked a friend to join me for a trip to Sunset Bay.

Surprisingly, I had never been to this hidden treasure nestled just 40 miles north of Jamestown located off the shores of Lake Erie. I’m sure you’re all thinking, “Does this girl live under a rock?” So, I figured it was about time I ventured to the beachside getaway that many locals had raved about for years. This mini lakefront offers 5 acres of sandy beaches to enjoy a stroll along the water collecting beach glass, opt for a swim, or rent a kayak or body board to jump the waves. The water was inviting and the views were spectacular. Children were making sand castles, people were throwing Frisbees and footballs and families and friends were sprawled out along their beach towels basking in the Sunday sun.

After running through the water and letting the sand smoosh between our toes, we meandered over to Cabana Sam’s Bar and Grill just steps away from the beach. We enjoyed the view from the rooftop patio while the band NY2LA closed out the night as the sun set over the water. The food was fantastic, the service was friendly and the atmosphere was entertaining. Across the way is the Sunset Bay Beach Club which offers an outdoor dance club, waterfront patio bar and spacious venue for local music. I’m not sure how I haven’t discovered this fun little escape sooner, but I’m happy to report I will be closing out my summer here and plan on returning next season. If you’re looking for a quick getaway, this is the place.

Maybe you’re still stumped on what to do this weekend and my suggestion to you is to come join me in Sunset Bay at the Beach Club this Friday where my friends from the band Qwister will be kicking off the Labor Day weekend festivities. Take one last mini staycation from your busy life, slap on the sunscreen and live it up in the sun.

Getting out of town and exploring new destinations are just good for the soul, but sometimes you don’t have the time or energy to stray too far away from home. I’m so grateful we live in an area that offers an abundance of activities to enjoy the seasons, giving us the opportunity to escape even if it is for just a day. Sometimes you just need some time in a beautiful place to clear your head and wish your cares away.