Justice Is A Joke — At The Top

Are we treated equally under the law? Absolutely not. Are the elite treated better than you and me? You’re damned right they are.

You may have seen the recent FoxNews story on a sailor who snapped six photos inside his nuclear submarine. He wanted to show his family where he lived and worked. This violates Navy rules and laws.

He was caught. The FBI and Department of Justice made sure he went to jail. They stripped him of various Veterans benefits. He was dishonorably discharged.

He lost his career. He lost his dignity. He lost valuable benefits. His life has been shattered. His family shared in the suffering and disgrace. And he is not alone.

Thousands of military people have been similarly punished. For taking photos. For negligence on duty. For violating various rules.

The players in the Clinton machine violated laws in far more serious fashion. They tossed classified emails around like they were cheap gossip. Hillary’s top aide, Huma, sent thousands of State Department emails to her husband. Her husband who was a convicted pervert. Her husband whose laptop was less secure than your youngster’s smartphone. Her husband who was an immense target for blackmail.

The evidence that Hillary and her aides broke laws is already great. And it continues to grow. She and her aides clearly lied to the FBI. Ahh, but the FBI did not put any of them under oath. That was the special treatment.

One of the cogs in the Clinton machine destroyed 33,000 emails that were under subpoena! And Justice ignored this.

These Clinton people escaped being charged. The FBI and Justice Department gave them kid-glove treatment. Justice treated Hillary as if she was a queen.

Lois Lerner at the IRS clearly broke laws. She was the official who punished conservative organizations. Those that asked for not-for-profit status. Her boss clearly broke laws. When he ignored congressional requests for IRS information.

FBI Director Comey broke laws. When he handed classified information to a pal. And asked him to leak it to the press.

The list is long. Of members of the elite who get and got special treatment when they broke the law. The list is long of the not-so-elite who got slammed for minor offenses.

There is one set of laws for the elite. There is another set of laws for the sailors and minions of this world.

People have been tearing down statues of Confederate heroes. How about we tear down all our statues of Lady Justice. The gal with the blindfold. She represents the glorious principal that Justice is blind. That, dear reader, is BS.

Justice is not blind. It is disgraceful of us to suggest that it is. Our corrupt justice system is naked before the people of the world. It is naked before our citizens. It is disgusting.

So many times we have criticized the Chinas and USSRs and third world nations. For their kangaroo courts. So many times we have declared the convictions come first in their courts. The trials come later.

Their justice systems are unjust for sure. Ours is no better. We clearly have a double standard. We clearly lie to ourselves and to our people. When we suggest that all Americans are treated equally under the law, we lie.

If we wish to be honest we should pass a law to this effect. Or add another amendment to our Constitution. “This country shall have two sets of laws. One set shall be for citizens judged to be in an elite class. The other set shall be for the peasants.”

Do I sound upset over this? I am. Because members of my family, could be the next victims. Because members of yours could be. And because I cannot stomach that our justice system openly treats some people like queens. While it treats others like scum.

I used to be proud of our justice system. At the moment I think it stinks. At the top.

From Tom…as in Morgan.