An Open Letter To My Ex

Breaking up is hard to do and moving on can be downright gut-wrenching. You may drown your sorrows in a tub of ice cream and watch endless cat videos online to distract your broken heart, but I promise you, you will get through this. One day, the clouds will part and you will have that moment where you realize you’ll be just fine on your own and take the steps necessary to focus on bettering yourself.

What better way to cleanse the soul than to write your feelings in a letter that will more than likely never be seen by the very person it is intended for?

(I know, I know, cue the cheesy sappy love song).

Dear Not So Mr. Right,

In the beginning, our budding romance was downright euphoric. The thought of you made the days brighter and the moments without you seemed almost unbearable. And then, reality set in. We got comfortable and eventually just gave up. We realized we COULD live without each other and started to drift apart. Moments after the breakup, I’ll admit, you were easy to hate. Your name was changed in my contacts list to plenty of expletives followed by the most recent, “Don’t You Dare Text Him,” reminding me that in a moment of weakness, my attempt to reach out would clearly get me nowhere.

I knew I had started to move on when I cropped you out of all of our photos, but I was still willing to hold onto the fun times we once had. I also knew the healing had begun when I didn’t get emotional every time I heard a silly song that reminded me of you and your stupid handsome face. I believe these are some of the many steps necessary in the grieving process of a broken heart.

I no longer feel the need to cyberstalk your social media a dozen times a day and see if you’ve added any new females that could actually replace me. I hope you’re happy with the new woman in your life and that she is exactly what you need. I’m a new person now. I’ve changed and I’m more independent on my own. For the first time in a long time, I’m happy. I’m sorry the word “commitment” was a deal breaker in our short-lived romance and I will never again settle for less than I deserve. I want to thank you for not sticking around. I never wanted to be the girl you settled for. I wish you the best and I mean it. I know you never meant to hurt me or make me feel the pain you did, and I forgive you. I know that you loved me and at one point actually wanted things to work. I’m sorry I couldn’t be that person for you, but I have to thank you. I’ve had so much more time on my hands to go to the gym, focus on my friends and family and even take up a new language. Bonjour! Who knew a breakup could be so rewarding?

It’s crazy to think that you were once my best friend, my whole world, filling the void in my day. And now, you’re a hazy memory of a time when I had so much to learn about myself.

For most people, someone will come along that will allow you to take down your walls and make you want to open up and let them in. If someone wants you, they’ll put forth the effort. If you’re making all the effort, move on. We are only given one life and should never waste it on someone not worthy of our valuable time.

Thanks for the memories, but I’ve finally realized it’s OK to be the love of your own dang life.

Sincerely (Never) Yours,

The Girl Who Thankfully Got Away