The Time Is Now, Not Later

Did you ever eat the candy, Now and Later?

For those of you who haven’t, the candies come in little squares and are in a variety of colors. It’s a chewy, salt-water taffy kind of candy.

I could never figure out which candies were “now” and which were “later.”

Are the green ones for now and the red ones for later?

As a child, I never knew and I still don’t.

As a full-grown woman, I often find myself looking at my schedule in the same way. Which things do I do now, and what do I save for later?

Does my housework need to be done now, or can it wait until later?

Can I finish this chapter of my book now or should I do it later?

Should I work on my budgeting skills now, or should I buy the new jeans I want now and be more fiscally responsible later?

The answers here are fairly obvious: the important things should be done now and the less important should be done later.

I should read my book later, finish my housework now and be more financially smart now. Those cute jeans will be there later.

A larger question was placed in my mind this week: when should I start living my faith and all that it entails?

Now, or at a later date when it might be more convenient?

When should I help the homeless, share my testimony or visit the sick?

Now, or later, when I’m not so tired?

As a Christian, I am compelled by my faith to follow Jesus. Every minute of every day, I am supposed to do my best to keep my feet in line with my Savior who went before me and showed me the path.

Today, I was thinking about that as I was folding the laundry.

(As you can see, despite the protests in my mind, I decided on doing the laundry “now.” Small steps in progression, my friends.)

I wondered to myself, “Well, we’re supposed to seek the kingdom first, and follow Jesus. Where does Jesus go?”

The answer came back: into the dark.

How did he go? Was he urgent with his task, or did he dilly-dally around?

From what I understand, Christ was constantly on the move. He was always in a new place, getting ready to go on to the next.

During Christ’s time on earth, and also in various situations in the New Testament, Jesus goes into the darkness and brings people out with him.

Right now, not later.

Jesus healed those right where they were when they were presented to him.

When the man who was a paralyzed was lowered in front of Jesus through a hole in the roof, Jesus didn’t say, “Do you think you could wait a minute? I’m teaching right now.”

Instead, according to Mark 2:5, he immediately gave his answer.

“And when Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralyzed, ‘Son, your sins are forgiven.'”

We should be traveling into the darkness with the intent of bring the light that is Christ with us right now.

You don’t have to preach, my friends, to do your part.

You can feed the hungry, visit the lonely, sick or imprisoned and cloth the naked. You can meet the needs of others with kindness and compassion.

You can listen to a fellow person tell their story. You can offer a shoulder to cry on or a comforting hug.

Share your story, my friends. Tell your friends and neighbors what Christ has done in your life.

You never know who needs to hear the good news.

You never know who is so wrapped up in darkness, they are in desperate need of the light you have.

The time is now, my friends. Someone could be depending on the words, kindness or compassion that you have right in this moment.