Do You Have An Inner Voice Telling You What To Do? You May Want To Listen

Synchronicity. Many of us have used ”coincidence” synonymously. Books on the subject have been written, workshops performed to help more clearly define the often expressed unexplained phenomena. Though spoken openly by some, countless numbers of people have some kind of experience that is kept vested. One client once said, ”People will think I’m nuts.” Although this article cannot do justice to explain the unexplained, perhaps an introduction may be enlightening to the reader.

I attended a workshop on the subject of synchronicity where I had a good laugh wanting to further develop my understanding of the experience. I planned for the workshop weeks in advance. A week or so before the date, I went to a local flea market type sale. Earlier, I decided not to go. Why buy other people’s throw aways? Some unexplained sense trumped my original plan and I attended the sale. Yep … it was other folks’ junk. I leisurely walked around and took notice of boxes filled with books. As an avid reader, I took notice and combed through the books. One, so to speak, jumped out at me. It was a book on guess what subject? Synchronicity. So, was that a mere ”coincidence?” Or, was something unexplained set in motion. I took the latter position. Because I was ”open” to learning moe on this subject. I was, therefore, led to this book.

Children often have various experiences of the same. However, many are dismissed by adults who profess to doubt the child’s experience. Some children then close themselves off from further awareness of future experiences or learn to dismiss it, too.

In the course of many clients’ stories, many have shared their enlightening experience. Especially common is the theme of decision making. The experiences sometimes are heavy duty, sometimes small potatoes. When virtually stuck, I’ll frequently ask the client if she or he may have heard an inner voice or sense unexplained that served as a guide to direct them to make a decision and live with it.

Client responses are often replete with a chuckle. For instance, ”Yeah, I was stuck and then figured out which direction to take.” Sometimes the client took that direction, sometimes not. I like to simply refer to his or her experience as listening to oneself, kind of an intuitive or sixth sense. Here’s the kicker: Most clients have reported a favorable experience once listening to an inner voice, a sixth sense, their intuitive self. Conversely, most have said that even with the ”voice” (not a psychotic-negative type hallucinating voice) guiding them in a particular direction he or she went the other way and remained stuck ”fell on my face.”

Recently, before visiting family, I went to a local store for a newspaper. I avoided snow packed sidewalks on my short walk. On the return trip, I was led to cross the street where a sidewalk had more room to walk snow-free. Just as I arrived to the street corner, I looked down (why did I do this?) and discovered a cellphone which I returned to the police station. You know, I felt great for this small yet rich experience. I was ”open.” Being open may be attributed also to appreciating silence, quiet time.

Our highly noisy and stimulating world may serve as an obstacle to synchronicity. Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.