Frewsburg Students Experience ‘Civil War Days’

In May, seventh-graders at Frewsburg Central School participated in the school’s first ever “Civil War Day.” The purpose of this all-day event was to give students a hands-on, interactive, in-depth opportunity to experience the history of our nation’s most devastating war. Frewsburg partnered with numerous local historical societies and museums to be able to make artifacts and expertise accessible to their students. In the morning, student groups traveled to various stations to investigate Civil War cooking, battlefield surgery and medical techniques, the stories and personal artifacts of local Civil War soldiers, and they had the opportunity to talk to experienced Civil War reenactors.

After stations, students were bused to the Carroll Rod & Gun Club, where they watched a presentation about Civil War weapons and battles, including a live musket-firing demonstration of a real Civil War rifle. Many representatives from the Rod & Gun were on hand to be a part of the event as well. Students had a picnic lunch and some fun and games at the Rod & Gun before coming back to school to watch the movie, “Glory.”

This event was coordinated and organized by social studies teacher Amy Thompson. Many other teachers helped facilitate the day including; Heather Barber, Mary Castle, Debbie Cline, Adam Loftus, Michelle Mole’, Michelle Richau, Sandy Ruhlman, Laurie Swanson, Justin Thorpe and Carrie Yost. This was a total coordinated effort of administration, office staff, Buildings and Grounds crew, cafeteria staff, technology integration specialist, Honor Society volunteers and photography student Meredith Franzen.