JHS Freshman On His Way To Becoming The Next Spielberg

Sean Shoobridge

Jamestown High School freshman, Sean Shoobridge, has a passion for filmmaking. Sean, who attended Fletcher Elementary School and Persell Middle School has been interested in film for as long as he can remember.

“I have been watching films for a long time and have always been very interested in how they were made,” Sean said. “My mom was always super interested in films and I got it from her. I’m just fascinated by the process and want to be a film director.”

Sean created his first film this past summer as part of the New York Film Academy’s Pre-College Enrichment Through Film and Acting Program in Orlando, Fla. During the one-week program, Sean learned about writing, editing and directing films including creating a two-minute film, Psycho Pursuit, at Epcot in Walt Disney World.

Sean is part of JHS’ Academy of Communications, Performing and Visual Arts. He is currently enrolled in JHS’ Videography program. Videography is a two-year sequenced program for students in ninth and 10th grades. The class focuses on both English Language Arts and Media Literacy. Motivated and creative students will produce rich media projects that require the integration of both English and video production technology skills. Students produce meaningful projects with considerable emphasis placed on broadcast media creation & analysis through story telling concepts, teamwork and communication skills, preparing them for post high school success.

Sean enrolled in the Videography courses because he feels right now he most needs experience in filmmaking and the course can help him with that.

“I like learning English this way because it brings the two classes together which is unusual, you can’t get that at other schools,” Sean said. “And since I want to do film as a career it gives me the opportunity to still do that but also learn English Language Arts.”

Sean is also interested in taking the creative writing course and psychology course at JHS.

“Psychology may not seem to be something that would go with filmmaking but when you creating and directing a film you are trying to make people feel a certain way and learning more about psychology and how peoples’ minds work will help me in crafting a film.”

Sean’s journey to filmmaking is just beginning but he is afforded the opportunity to take video classes, but also other classes at JHS, to help him follow his passion.