Principal Shares Love Of Cycling At YMCA

Holly Hannon, left, smiles with a class member. Submitted photo

For one local educator the fusion between teaching educational material and managing a school setting, to getting her heart rate up and leading a class of cycling enthusiasts- have met at a crossroad … that crossroad is the YMCA of Jamestown.

Holly Hannon, a local elementary school principal, wife and mother, and “spin/cycling guru” at the Y has been perfecting her craft for a long time.

“I started teaching indoor cycling in 1999,” Hannon explained.

Hannon, known for her fun-filled, positive way of teaching is the same today as she was years ago, and has enjoyed the many challenges which teaching brings.

“I had lots of married couples in my class, so I would tailor my class to guys versus gals,” Hannon said.

Even after taking a break for an extended period of time, Hannon returned to the Y to continue her history of “cycling excelsior.”

“When I returned to the Jamestown area in 2006, I started teaching indoor group cycling at the Jamestown YMCA again,” Hannon said.

Not content to just teach and lead the same classes, Hannon has continued to evolve with time, leading the latest fitness programs and teaching methodologies.

“I’ve taken and been trained in: Mossa Group Ride, Cycling Fusion, YMCA Group Cycling, YMCA Pilates, and YMCA Group Exercise training,” Hannon said.

Throughout the years, Hannon has proven time and time again her dedication to the YMCA, its members and the community.

She’s been recognized as an outstanding member of the YMCA at the highest levels. Hannon has also severed at the Y’s highest leadership levels too.

“As an employee of the Y, I was selected Employee of the Month. When I became a volunteer, I was awarded YMCA Volunteer of the Year,” Hannon shared. “I also currently serve as Vice President on the Executive Board, and am finishing up my sixth year on the YMCA Metro Board.

For those inclined to take the “Hannon Challenge” she teaches: Cycle 30 Together on Tuesdays 5:30-6 a.m., Cycle Together on Tuesdays 5-5:45 p.m., and Tabata (a form of HIIT training) on Fridays 5:30-6:10 .m. at the Jamestown YMCA.

For the summer, Holly is offering a promo group cycling class Fridays 6:15-6:45 a.m., now through Aug. 24.

Given Hannon’s continued desire to change, evolve and stay dedicated to an organization whose focus is on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility -it would be safe to assume- she’s earned the moniker of “Y-Strong.”