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Chautauqua Music To Hold Instructor, Student Studio Recital Wednesday

Lily Kates, pictured, will perform on violin during the instructors’ segment of Chautauqua Music’s studio recital to be held Wednesday at 7 p.m. The event will feature performances by Chautauqua Music instructors and their students currently taking private lessons. Submitted photo

It’s been some time since Chautauqua Music has held an in-house recital to showcase the progress of its students currently taking private lessons, but that’s about to change.

On Wednesday, the 110 E. Second St. Jamestown music store will host a 7 p.m. studio recital for students and their families, but there will be a twist: the students’ instructors will also perform selections of their own. Additionally, Billy Kates, store owner, said next week’s recital will entail a slightly more formal atmosphere than that of recitals in the past.

“We have done student recitals in the past which (guitar instructor) Spencer Drake would host, and then he’d perform a segment alongside his students,” Kates said. “A couple of months ago we were talking amongst ourselves at the store and came to the realization that we hadn’t done a recital in quite a while. Initially, we were thinking about doing an instructors’ recital, but ultimately we decided we wanted to include some of our students, as well.”

Kates described next week’s event as a more traditional and organized affair, in which the students will perform the first half and the instructors would perform the second, following a brief intermission. He said it’s illustrative of the store taking a step in a different direction as far as presenting live music to the public.

“We’ve added new instructors over the past year and so we thought this would be a good way to give them some exposure and open up our doors to something new. There have been some good things happening down here lately that we wanted to highlight and showcase,” he said.

A variety of instruments will be featured throughout the event, including piano, guitar, violin, cello, ukulele, and others. The instructors scheduled to perform are: Helga Hulse on piano; Amanda Andrews on cello and violin; Drake on guitar; Bonny Davis on piano; and Lily Kates on violin. The students to perform are: Hannah Newcamp on violin; Daniel Schroder Sr., on violin; Cindy Miller on piano; brothers Aaron and Boaz Mechum on piano; Pamela Fuentes on violin; Ella Storms on piano; and Asa Dunmore on guitar.

The Wednesday studio recital at Chautauqua Music is free and family friendly. For more information, call 484-0179 or find the event on Facebook by searching “Chautauqua Music Studio Recital.”