‘Rolling Hills Radio’ To Host The Farmer And Adele, Dee Adams March 30

The 62nd episode of WRFA-LP 107.9 FM’s “Rolling Hills Radio” will feature the duo known as The Farmer and Adele, pictured at center, along with Buffalo singer-songwriter Dee Adams in a 6:30 p.m. taping at the Robert H. Jackson Center’s Carl Kappa Theater on Thursday, March 30. Submitted photo

The 62nd episode of WRFA-LP 107.9 FM’s “Rolling Hills Radio” will feature faces both familiar and brand new next week.

On Thursday, March 30, the program will hold a 6:30 p.m. live taping of this month’s episode Thursday at the Robert H. Jackson Center’s Carl Kappa Theater, featuring The Farmer and Adele along with Dee Adams.

The March 30 taping will mark the third time “Rolling Hills Radio” has hosted a program at the Kappa Theater due to renovations taking place at its usual location, the Studio Theater within the Reg Lenna Center for the Arts. Ken Hardley, program host, added that the episode will be unique in that it will feature an uncommon performance of Western swing music by The Farmer and Adele, while also welcoming Buffalo-based singer-songwriter Adams back to the program.

“The Farmer and Adele will be coming up all the way from Nashville to join us, and we’re really lucky to have them because they don’t get up this way very often,” Hardley said. “They also play a kind of Western swing style, which is popular down South in places like Texas and Nashville, but not so much up here. But we do have some first-rate Western swing fans here in town who are very excited about this, and we’ll probably be lucky enough to hear some original Western swing tunes.”

The Farmer and Adele grew up admiring classic music, such as classic country, jazz and the Tin Pan Alley songwriters. Those early styles reflect so much of what the two stand for. Their songwriting is uplifting, heroic and simple, but hearken back to the time of Gene Autry and Roy Rogers.

Adams will make her return to the program, having previously appeared in the October 2014 episode. She writes and sings poetic, acoustic guitar-driven songs drenched in hooks and harmonies. With elements of blues, rock and folk, Adams’ voice is the centerpiece of her lyrically and melodically lilting songs, which range in subject matter from birds to guns to countless themes of human nature and social maladies.

“Dee was on our program a couple of years ago, and she’s part of a burgeoning Buffalo folk and Americana scene that has really started taking off recently,” Hardley said. “She is a great writer and her voice is angelic, and she told me she’s written some new songs that I’m really looking forward to hearing.”

There are still tickets remaining to the show at $10 each, which can be purchased by calling 484-7070 or visiting reglenna.com. The Robert H. Jackson Center is located at 305 E. Fourth St. in Jamestown.

Doors to the live show will open at 5:30 p.m., when a pre-show reception known as “Rolling Happy Hour” will commence. The program’s live taping will begin at 6:30 p.m., and a meet-and-greet will immediately follow.

The “Rolling Hills Radio” program is broadcast each Thursday at 7 p.m. on WRFA-LP 107.9 FM, with new episodes being introduced the week following their live taping.