Cold Lazarus Releases Four-Track EP

The newly-formed, Jamestown-based band, Cold Lazarus, released the “All Alone” four-track EP. The band consists of favorite local musicians Adam Gould, Marc Scapelitte, Gavin Paterniti and Drew Minton.

Four local musicians have joined together for a sound experiment that takes listeners on a momentary musical trip.

Recently, the newly-formed, Jamestown-based band, Cold Lazarus, released the “All Alone” four-track EP for musical connoisseurs everywhere to enjoy with titles such as “All Alone,” “Butterflies,” “Come Again Now” and “Maybe.”

The band consists of favorite local musicians Adam Gould, Marc Scapelitte, Gavin Paterniti and Drew Minton. The group says their music is a mix of funk, reggae and world music, which should bring a new sound to the local music scene and beyond.

After a few short months and a lot of work, the group put together their collection of songs to debut to the public. A self-described “auditory confection,” the “All Alone” EP is available on both SoundCloud and BandCamp.

“We were kind of on the fast track with writing music, and we had some pretty solid songs,” Scapelitte said. “We wanted to start booking shows for the spring and summer, so I recommended we create a really good recording to kind of showcase the music.”

He said the music is available for free or by naming your own price at or to gain access.

“You can give us nothing, or you can give us $2 million, if you want,” Scapelitte said with a laugh.

Paterniti said the EP might eventually be made into a CD for those who enjoy a physical copy of the music or those who don’t have computers, such as his grandmother.

With an interesting moniker, the group gave a quick description on where their name “Cold Lazarus” came from. Paterniti said the group had been playing for approximately a month, and decided the group needed a recognizable name.

“Truthfully, we got it from an episode of ‘Stargate SG-1,’ but I think it’s a story that everyone is familiar with: the story of Lazarus,” he said. “For some reason, when I presented it, I was thinking about the fact that Marc has Phoenix Rising Wellness Studio downtown and the concept of rising from the ashes or the dead.”

Scapelitte said subliminally, the group might have felt as if they were “rising from other musical careers.” He said the group has all, in a way, risen from some kind of ashes or former experiences.

Gould said the group began in mid-December, and has been plugging away ever since. Practices have been ongoing due to the diligence and determination of all the members.

“We started by practicing in my aunt’s basement,” he said.

Gould said the band is excited to showcase their music and bring a fresh sound to the area.

Minton said his involvement in the band began with a conversation with Scapelitte, and he hasn’t looked back since.

“(Scapelitte) said he was working with a couple of guys and making some sweet music,” he said. “He thought I’d be into it and should come check them out at a rehearsal. It was the second time he’d mentioned that and, although I had been effectively out of the scene for almost 10 years I took his hint. Scap is a great friend and I’ve always felt we share a thick thread of consciousness, so I tend to listen to him, especially when he repeats himself.”

Minton said he was sold on the first night after hearing the band’s ideas and music, and has since developed a great relationship with his band mates.

“All of these guys think hard about the songs they write and always look to refine, note-by-note and sound-by-sound, pushing the comfort zone further away and challenging us all as a group and I am loving every minute of it,” he said. “I’m tapping my musical heroes for inspiration with this band. Once I realized that, I knew I was in the right place.”

Scapelitte said it went from that to creating an album in a very short time. Despite the shortness of the album, he said it is fairly complete in its sound.

Going forward, Paterniti said the band hopes to be very active during the warmer months. Currently, the band is promoting themselves via Facebook and through other avenues to let people know who the band is and what they’re about.

“We have a few shows at Mojo’s coming up,” he said. “There is a battle of the bands (at Mojo’s) coming up on the 26th of this month, and then we have a couple of opening slots on April 21 and May 5.”

For more information on the band, the EP or upcoming performance dates, visit their Facebook page.