What Happens Now?

One week ago today the flu hit me. Hard.

I spent a good majority of the ensuing 72 hours horizontal, and just the mere thought of having to make even the slightest of movements took more out of me than I could ever have imagined.

But what really got to me more than anything was the fever. I can’t recall a time in my life where I felt so weak, miserable and sometimes scared. On Friday I managed to come into work having already called in the day before, but when the fever climbed to nearly 104 degrees I had to call it after a couple hours. I spent portions of the remainder of my day in a semi-conscious state wondering if I was actually dying.

Sunday morning was the last time I experienced a temperature, but the effects, I could tell rather quickly, were going to be longer lasting. I still feel the sickness lingering in a more mild sense, and the past few days I’ve been walking around in a kind of nebulous haze.

It’s been nice to be able to get my body back, but my mind has been an altogether different story. I feel like the fever may have short-circuited a few things in regard to the way I think and feel about certain things.

It’s been very difficult for me to latch on to one specific thought or emotion since all of this happened. All day long my brain is a complete clutter in which certain long-buried memories or experiences will jump out at me from the recesses of my mind, and then leave as quickly as they came. There has been no rhyme or reason to it.

I’ve also been hyper-sensitive to these occurrences as well. On any given day I will experience a gamut of emotions, with the predominant one being despondency. I feel like crying often because I feel like I’ve lost my sense of self and my place in this world. I feel like my definition is fading slowly as I try and continually fail to make sense of this increasingly puzzling reality in which we’re forced to live.

My senses seem dulled, colors seem muted and my music, while still my passion, doesn’t seem to be able to bring me out of the doldrums the way they once did. I don’t really know how to explain all of this, but this is my attempt to try and make sense of it to myself. It’s the first time I’ve tried putting my state of mind down in words, so thanks for bearing with me as I try to find my footing again.

I’m really hoping that I’ll be able to return to my old self soon enough. I believe that I can and will get there again, but it’s a matter of how long I’m going to be trapped in this mental limbo. I can’t lie, it’s kind of frightening but they say fear is a great motivator.

And now, here’s some of what you can expect to find in the area this week.


JCC Exhibit On Disease, Recovery Opens Today: A Jamestown Community College art exhibit which explores and visualizes disease and recovery through the works of Elizabeth Jameson and Ted Meyer will open today at the Weeks Gallery in Jamestown and Friday at the Center Gallery in Olean, with 6-8 p.m. opening receptions, respectively.

The exhibitions will feature works that incorporate diagnostic brain scans, photographs and rubbings taken from body scars. Dr. Patricia Briggs, Weeks Gallery director, said the impetus for these exhibitions grew out of a desire expressed by JCC nursing faculty and others to see works displayed with a medical theme. Jameson and Meyer were chosen because their works complement each another visually and thematically. Meyers will offer remarks regarding his “Scarred for Life” project at each of the receptions.

Weeks Gallery hours are 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. For more information, call 338-1301 or visit sunyjcc.edu.

Saturday ‘Wits ‘N Giggles’ Concert To Feature Thomas, Lenart: “Wits ‘n Giggles” stand-up comedy, sponsored by Bud Light and the Comfort Inn, will return to Northwest Arena Saturday at 7:30 p.m. to feature headliner Keith Lenart and featured performer Owen Thomas.

Thomas has become one of the fastest-rising comedians in the Midwest. Since 2006, Thomas has performed everywhere from AA meetings to large comedy clubs. He covers a wide array of topics spanning from American society to his trouble meeting women. He has opened for multiple Saturday Night Live alumni, including Norm MacDonald and Tracy Morgan.

Headlining the Saturday show is Lenart, who been around the comedy scene more than a decade and has toured all throughout the country. He has opened for Caroline Rhea, Pauly Shore, Jim Gaffigan and has been seen on both HBO and NBC.

“Wits ‘n Giggles” is held in the Jamestown Mattress Arena Club on the top floor of the Northwest Arena. Tickets for the event are $10 pre-sale, $12 on the day of the show and $5 for students. Those attending must be 18 years of age and up. For tickets, visit the arena box office, call 484-2624 or visit northwestarena.com.

‘Chautauqua’s Got Talent’ Auditions To Be Held Monday: Auditions for the ninth annual, five-week “Chautauqua’s Got Talent” competition will be held Monday at the Spire Theater, beginning at 7 p.m., when contest hopefuls are invited to display their talents before a panel of judges. Co-presented by Big Time Productions and The Post-Journal, “Chautauqua’s Got Talent” offers Chautauqua area residents a unique opportunity to compete against one another using a variety of skills and abilities. In addition to singers and musicians, the contest also encourages other types of entertainers, such as comedians, magicians and dancers, to perform in front of a live audience over a five-week period. The contest also welcomes groups as well as solo acts.

Auditioning hopefuls should come prepared to offer a sample of their talent for approximately one minute, and bring a parent or guardian if under 18. If hopefuls are unable to attend the audition, there is an option to send in a video audition by emailing a video file or YouTube link to jamestownspire@gmail.com any time up until midnight Tuesday, Feb. 20. The contest will begin its five-week run Monday, March 5, and will conclude Monday, April 2. Each competition round will begin at 7 p.m. on its respective date. Presale tickets to individual shows are $7, and are available for purchase through the Labyrinth Press Company, located at 10 E. Fourth St. in Jamestown, or online at spiretheater.org. A pass to attend all five competition nights is also available at the aforementioned locations for $30. Individual tickets on performance nights are available at the door for $9.

The Spire Theater is located at 317 E. Third St. in Jamestown. For more information on auditions, or this year’s “Chautauqua’s Got Talent” competition, contact The Spire Theater at 450-7357, or by email at jamestownspire@gmail.com.


To include an upcoming show or event in this column, email gpaterniti@post-journal.com or call 487-1111, ext. 243 by Monday.


Ryan Buzzetto: 6:30 p.m., Lakewood Legion, 174 Chautauqua Ave. in Lakewood

The Karl-Marks Show: 7 p.m., Good Time Saloon, 590 Fairmount Ave. in Jamestown

Comedy open mic: 8 p.m., Labyrinth Press Co., 14 E. Fourth St. in Jamestown

Karaoke with DJ Xcite: 9 p.m., Bullfrog Hotel, 1414 E. Second St. in Jamestown

Karaoke with Felony Entertainment: 10:30 p.m., Forte, 116 E. Third St. in Jamestown


Charity Nuse: 6 p.m., The Wine Cellar, 309 N. Main St. in Jamestown

Jules-R-Us Karaoke: 7:30 p.m., Lakewood Legion, 174 Chautauqua Ave. in Lakewood

Kyle Gustafson: 7:30 p.m., Forte, 2 E. Second St. in Jamestown

Karaoke: 8 p.m., Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 865, 41 Bigelow Ave. in Jamestown

Splitfoot: 9 p.m., Good Time Saloon, 590 Fairmount Ave. in Jamestown

DJ Karaoke: 9 p.m., Big Shots, 674 Route 394 in Kennedy

The Fractures: 9 p.m., Murdocks, 100 E. Main St. in Sherman

Karaoke with Felony Entertainment: 9 p.m., Shawbucks, 212 W. Second St. in Jamestown

Screamin’ Lou: 10 p.m., Bullfrog Hotel, 1414 E. Second St. in Jamestown


Pat Cook: 2 p.m., Lakeview Hotel, 13 Water St. in Jamestown

Adam McKillip: 7:30 p.m., Forte, 2 E. Second St. in Jamestown

“Three Billboards” screening: 8 p.m., Reg Lenna Center for the Arts, 116 E. Third St. in Jamestown

Charity Nuse: 8 p.m., Busti’s Tap House, Busti-Sugar Grove Road in Busti

Press House Poetry Slam: 8 p.m., Labyrinth Press Co., 14 E. Fourth St. in Jamestown

The Release: 9 p.m., Big Shots, 674 Route 394 in Kennedy

Menage A Twange: 9 p.m., Hartfield Bay Bar and Grill, 6040 E. Lake Road in Mayville

Jules-R-Us Karaoke: 9 p.m., Good Time Saloon, 590 Fairmount Ave. in Jamestown

Whiskey Road: 10 p.m., Shawbucks, 212 W. Second St. in Jamestown

Porcelain Busdrivers: 10 p.m., Lakeview Hotel, 13 Water St. in Jamestown


Karaoke: 10 p.m., Mojo’s Music Bar, 104 E. Second St. in Jamestown


Open Mic Night: 10 p.m., Mojo’s Music Bar, 104 E. Second St. in Jamestown

Karaoke: 10 p.m., The Q, 104 W. Second St. in Jamestown