Chuck Nalbone To Launch Weekly Pop Trivia Podcast Friday

Chuck Nalbone, lifelong Jamestown resident and former WJTN disc jockey, is set to launch his new weekly music trivia podcast “American Pop” on Friday at Submitted photo

Mr. Nostalgia himself is once again emerging into the realm of broadcasting, this time as host of his own podcast: “American Pop.”

Having been away from the public eye for the past few years, Chuck Nalbone is gearing up to make his return as a purveyor of pop music trivia with the launch of his new podcast Friday.

Many listeners of WJTN back in the 1970s may remember Nalbone, a lifelong Jamestown resident, by his moniker “Mr. Nostalgia.” Today, the former disc jockey is giving that nickname an entirely different meaning. He is proving that old habits die hard as he utilizes his previous radio expertise in hopes of reaching an audience of both familiars and newcomers.

“The idea for (‘American Pop’) came from people coming up and telling me they miss hearing me,” Nalbone said. “As time would go by my intention was to get back into broadcasting in some way. Besides, I wasn’t doing much anyway. Retirement wasn’t giving me much except a chance to be bored, and I was missing it. Once you get into the business (of radio), it never leaves you.”

Nalbone said his “American Pop” podcast will feature insight into pop music in different eras. With information gleaned from his own research, Nalbone will present the history and backstories of certain songs and artists in an engaging and informative way.

The podcast is available to be heard online by searching “americanpop” at Nalbone said the podcast’s first episode will be posted Friday and will remain the sole episode until January, at which point he will upload new weekly episodes every Friday.

In the spirit of the holiday season, he said the first episode will provide listeners with a behind-the-scenes look at some of the music contained within classic TV Christmas specials such as “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

“It’s the music we all grew up with but never took the time to learn about,” he said.

Additionally, Nalbone will include a brief introduction segment to the pilot episode in the form of a tribute to the late Jim Roselle. Nalbone was introduced to Roselle as a pre-teen through a classmate’s father because of his interest in radio. After spending time in and around the WJTN studios and with Roselle as an observer, he was eventually hired by the radio station in 1971 at the age of 15.

The tribute portion of the episode will include an audio message left by Roselle on Nalbone’s tape recorder in the 1980s, following an interview that Nalbone conducted with Roselle for the local Nite-Line publication. Nalbone said after the interview was concluded, Roselle had left a special, personal message for Nalbone in which he discussed their history together.

“That message was so special to me, and I’m proud to share with people for the first time,” he said.

For more information, search for “solidgoldday” or “Chuck Nalbone American Pop” on Facebook. The Facebook page will include a link to the hosting site, along with some other background information on the podcast.