Time Of The Season

For the last two years I’ve made a big to-do about how the holiday spirit never really seemed to permeate the bubble I’ve formed around myself.

This year, however, and for whatever reason, I’m actually really looking forward to celebrating the 2017 edition of Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family.

For starters, today’s holiday will be the first time in the past three years that I won’t be in the newsroom on Thanksgiving Day. It hadn’t bothered me too much because it was a slow news day and I was still able to visit with my family for a couple hours at a time; but there was always that pervading sense of “I have to be getting back to the office” lingering over the festivities.

Not this time. I’m looking forward to a relaxing day that will likely start off with a morning run before heading right around the corner from my apartment to my grandma’s house and meeting up for some enjoyable times with family, food and football. Add to that the fact that I’ll also have the following two days off from work and I’m looking at a pretty satisfying three-day stretch of “me time.”

This particular Thanksgiving also comes at a time when I can reflect with gratitude on what has transpired in the last year of my life. It was right around this time last year when the seeds for what would very soon become known as Cold Lazarus were sown. What started as casual conversation with acquaintances over some chance downtown encounters soon became action and in early December our first band practice was held as a three-piece.

It’s wild to think that something which has become such a crucial component of my life outside of The Post-Journal was only a barely conceived notion on this date last year. And yet the band now stands on the precipice of some bona fide regional exposure, with a full-length album and a fair amount of merchandise on the way.

In just a matter of three months after that first practice we’d added our fourth member, recorded and released our four-track “All Alone” EP, and were hitting the pavement by way of stringing gigs together. By the end of this year, we’ll have accumulated more than 30 shows in only nine months, one of which was a very coveted spot with the Night Lights Music Festival in August.

That show, which even some long-established bands would have trouble securing, ultimately led to us procuring a manager in Buffalo who is helping us to rebrand and better promote ourselves so, when 2018 rolls around, we can start getting some serious exposure in larger markets.

It’s funny the twists and turns life can take. Right now I feel like things have landed me in the fast lane and shifted into top gear.

It’s inevitable that the momentum that has carried the band to these respectable heights in less than one year will eventually taper off and we’ll start settling into a more routine-oriented groove. But for now, I’m enjoying the perks that come along with growing our reputation and exposure into areas both within and beyond Jamestown.

Which reminds me, “Dimension Ascension” — the henceforth band-approved title of our first album, if you’ll recall — is coming soon. As of last Saturday we are now officially done in the studio and awaiting the final mixed and mastered product. We’re also still in the process of securing some album art we can all agree on, but we’re working with our artist on a deadline of mid-December to ensure that we don’t get stuck in limbo in this area.

Fingers crossed, there’s a chance we might have physical copies of our album by the new year! And that’s, indeed, something I can be thankful for.

And now, here’s some of what you can expect to find in the area this week.


Fenton To Host Paul Leone In Friday Book Signing: The Fenton History Center will host a book talk and signing by local author Paul Leone at 2 p.m. Friday. Leone has published an expanded version in hardback of his popular collection of short stories, “Chautauqua Ghosts.” The hardback edition marks the 20th anniversary of the volume’s initial publication. Leone will sign copies immediately following the book talk, and the book is available for purchase at the price of $16.

Additionally, the Fenton will open its annual holiday exhibit Friday, showcasing classic favorites like the upside-down Christmas tree and the Swedish Christmas display. This year’s presentation will also feature an exhibit straight out of the 1960s. feature presentation is a vintage aluminum tree forest complete with presents drawn from the permanent collection of the museum, ornaments, lights, and plenty of nostalgia. Light refreshments and delicious Christmas cookies will be available to complement the experience.

The Fenton History Center is located at 67 Washington St. in Jamestown. For more information, call 664-6256 or visit fentonhistorycenter.org.

The Q To Present Free Comedy Night Saturday: The Q will present a free comedy showcase Saturday beginning at 8 p.m. The event, which is being sponsored by The Q and Karate Sleepover, will feature the comedic stylings of Paul Clemente, Jeremy Little, Robb Will and Kipp Reynolds.

For more information, find the event on Facebook.

Northwest Arena To Host Annual ‘Turkey Skee-Ball’ Event Saturday: Northwest Arena is inviting the community to work off their Thanksgiving meals and participate in the area’s fastest growing sport: Turkey Skee-Ball. Beginning Saturday at noon, Turkey Skee-Ball consists of teams of four rolling frozen turkeys down the ice into a target. Each player rolls one turkey down the ice per frame with 10 frames per game. The opposing team then rolls them back, also trying to score. The target is as follows: the red center circle is five points, middle blue circle is three points, and outer red circle is one point. The registration fee is $40 per team ($10 per person), and the deadline is Saturday at 2 p.m. Gym shoes and gloves are highly recommended. Food and drink specials will be available, as well as prizes for the top performing team.

All interested teams can register at northwestarena.com, by calling 484-2624, or at the Northwest Arena — located at 319 W. Third St. in Jamestown. Payment is due at time of registration. For more information, contact dan.shea@northwestarena.com.

Christmas Parade, Holiday Celebration Scheduled For Dec. 1: The Jamestown Renaissance Corporation is proud to announce that the Winter Games Christmas Parade and Holiday Celebration, presented by The Resource Center, will feature pre-parade musical entertainment, a traditional tree lighting ceremony with Mayor Sam Teresi and a fireworks display above the Spring Street parking ramp.

The Winter Games Christmas Parade and Holiday Celebration will be held Friday, beginning at 6:30 p.m. The parade itself will begin on the Third Street bridge and continue down Third Street toward city hall. Parade lineup will begin at 5 p.m. on West Third Street between Hallock Street and Porter Avenue, in front of Farm Fresh Plaza. This year’s Winter Games theme is an acknowledgment of the upcoming Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

The downtown Jamestown holiday parade has been a long standing tradition in the city for decades. Dozens of area businesses, social organizations and nonprofits come downtown the evening of the parade to celebrate the holidays, attend one of many area holiday events and support local business. One area nonprofit in particular, The Resource Center, has gone above and beyond the call of duty each year to support the parade as a presenting sponsor and serve the greater Jamestown community.

For more information on Jamestown Renaissance Corporation, special events or to sign up for the Winter Games Christmas Parade and Holiday Celebration, visit jamestownrenaissance.org to download the appropriate application or email zach@jamestownrenaissance.org.


To include an upcoming show or event in this column, email gpaterniti@post-journal.com or call 487-1111, ext. 243 by Monday.


Karaoke with DJ Xcite: 9 p.m., Bullfrog Hotel, 1414 E. Second St. in Jamestown


Jamie Smith: 6 p.m., The Wine Cellar, 309 N. Main St. in Jamestown

Jules-R-Us Karaoke: 7:30 p.m., Lakewood Legion, 174 Chautauqua Ave. in Lakewood

Lip Sync Battle: 8 p.m., Jamestown Moose, 405 E. Fifth St. in Jamestown

Chillbillies: 9 p.m., Big Shots, 674 Route 394 in Kennedy

Karaoke: 9 p.m., Shawbucks, 212 W. Second St. in Jamestown

Rick Magee and the Roadhouse Rockers: 9 p.m., Murdocks, 100 E. Main St. in Sherman

Smokehouse: 9 p.m., Good Time Saloon, 590 Fairmount Ave. in Jamestown

Black Widow: 10 p.m., Lakeview Hotel, 13 Water St. in Mayville

Widow Maker: 10 p.m., Bullfrog Hotel, 1414 E. Second St. in Jamestown


Adam Gould: 7 p.m., The Wine Cellar, 309 N. Main St. in Jamestown

Tyler Smilo: 7 p.m., Craft Burgers and Brews, 60 Chautauqua Ave. in Lakewood

Black Widow: 8:30 p.m., Celoron Legion, 26 Jackson Ave. in Jamestown

We Speak Canadian: 9 p.m., Big Shots, 674 Route 394 in Kennedy

Hard Head Band: 9 p.m., Hartfield Bay Cafe, 6040 E. Lake Road in Mayville

Jules-R-Us Karaoke featuring Tami T: 9 p.m., Good Time Saloon, 590 Fairmount Ave. in Jamestown

DJ Goodrich: 10 p.m., Lakeview Hotel, 1414 E. Second St. in Jamestown

Pressure Sensitive: 10 p.m., Bullfrog Hotel, 1414 E. Second St. in Jamestown

Porcelain Busdrivers: 10 p.m., Shawbucks, 212 W. Second St. in Jamestown


Bluegrass Jam: 7 p.m., Celoron Legion, 26 Jackson Ave. in Jamestown

“Battle of the Sexes” screening: 7 p.m., Reg Lenna Center for the Arts, 116 E. Third St. in Jamestown