Community Music Project To Celebrate Ensemble Anniversaries

The Community Music Project’s Chautauqua Chamber Singers and Jamestown Choral Society ensembles will celebrate their 40th and 35th anniversaries next year. Pictured is the current incarnation of the Chautauqua Chamber Singers.

Two local music ensembles under the Community Music Project umbrella will celebrate milestone anniversaries with separate concerts in 2018.

The Community Music Project said the Chautauqua Chamber Singers group will celebrate its 40th anniversary in a May 12 reunion concert at Christ First United Methodist Church at 7:30 p.m., while the Jamestown Choral Society celebrates its 35th anniversary with an April 8 performance at St. James Church from 4-5 p.m.

“I think the fact that these ensembles have been around for 40 and 35 years, respectively, is a testimony to the great support we get from our community,” said Joe Braeger, Community Music Project general manager. “We’re proud of the longevity these groups have enjoyed locally, and we hope people continue to enjoy the music-making.”

The Chautauqua Chamber Singers was formed in 1978 by a group of singers looking for a small ensemble with which to sing, other than in their church choirs. It has since become Chautauqua County’s premiere select vocal ensemble, and has evolved into an audition-only, semi-professional group. Members are individuals with diverse musical backgrounds, talents and training.

For its 40th anniversary reunion concert, the group will welcome its former members to join the current members for an evening of melodic nostalgia. Also scheduled to appear are former directors Dr. Lee Spear and Roland Martin.

Anyone interested in auditioning for the Chautauqua Chamber Singers can contact Braeger at

The Jamestown Choral Society is recognizing its 35th year in existence since it was reinstated in 1983. It was initially formed in 1910 for the City of Jamestown’s centennial celebration by Prof. Samuel Thorstenberg, head of The Jamestown Conservatory of Music.

The original group disbanded in the 1950s, and the current model was revived by the Community Music Project.

Now under the direction of Andrew Schmidt, the Jamestown Choral Society is open without audition to people of all ages who love to sing. It currently performs two concerts a year. Repertoire includes many choral masterworks, sacred anthems and secular pops compositions.

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